Sunday, April 18, 2010

What would you like to see on my blog? Comment and Win!

Hey ya'll,
     I've been tweeting past week on how I will be giving out my new hot products list this season. Yes Ladies and gentlemen too, brand names not just a list of products!  So you'll be rocking this season hottest looks and skin before spring ends. The products included in my list are self-tested and on many of my clients to check how it looks on different skin types and complexions. Mostly the products are about instant boost of self-confidence and something you'll love the rest of your life. These are well suited for men and women and my clients have been demanding of that "IT" product to combat basic lack of self confidence. Trust me, some top brands high results claiming products didn't quite work so well as these. I simply love and use them myself! You will be extremely satisfied for the change of products for spring.

            To win the list, just
comment of what more you would like to see on my blog. I have already done my layout, basic pages, lists and required applications which I thought were essential but your comments and feedback are most appreciated. And don't forget, a chance to win the free products list!

Winners will be selected on most practical and beneficial comments to me. Remember I don't do free sessions, my sessions are custom made on my profile at Liveperson so don't simply ask me questions and answers to post in my blog. I am planning to post frequently every Monday and Friday.
Age of qualification is above 18 years. There will be five winners selected for every 25 comments. That means, the more you write the better chances of winning.

Read my profile thoroughly to know more about my services and my clients' testimonials so you have a basic and clear idea on what services I have been providing here. I will also give my free session for the hot products list on my profile. Winners will be informed if they win on my next post and tweet of course.

Follow me on Twitter to keep up with the winners updates and of course daily scoops and discounts.

Example of a comment I expect:
"I would like to see some lipstick shades which work for everyone. That would be cool cuz if you have a session with a client then they would ask specifics rather than general questions like something which would work on anyone. I appreciate the custom job you do for your clients. I would definitely have a paid session with you because I am new in world of make-up and cosmetics. I have started with my lips (yes after a good moisturizer) and unfortunately there are many out there who wear terrible lipstick colors which DO NOT look good on them or to be frank - just horrible! I am scared to wear lipstick and stick to basic balm during my office hours and many of co-workers do the same. I will definitely hook em up to your blog if you are willing to post a blog on this issue. 

Thanks for this opportunity and hope my comment may come useful to you.
- Annie"

Enjoy Commenting and Good luck!


  1. Hi there. Love the new picture of you. This is a great way to advertise your expertise.You are very knowledgeable and know a lot about what you are doing as I have read things that you posted in LP. I too was on your side of Liveperson but I prefer to be working on Spirituality and Religion so I am just there now :) I have a Full Specialist License so I am very big into choosing the proper colors and makeup application as well as taking care of your skin. Skincare and moisturizing is so important! I cannot believe how many people I come across that do not use any moisturizer at all. Age makes no difference whether you are 25 or 45 at some point in the your life the atmosphere where we live as well as outside elements will catch up with our skin. People men and woman need more education :) Your blog is a great way to do that. I hope to see you helping people as well as educating them. Take care and good luck!
    Love and Light,
    Advisor Andrea

  2. Thanks for your comment Andrea, I would definitely be looking forward or a collaboration post with moisturizing and anti-aging essentials, something anyone can enjoy.
    Hoping to see more comments so I can chose the best!

  3. Just a quick couple of thoughts here. Anyone can use what is called "An Extra Light Hydrator" on the skin. The best advice I offer is do not buy items at the grocery store. It is a good one time investment in your future to go to a Dermatologist for a consultation. They can look at your skin and offer advice as to what you need to use. There is a website that offers wonderful skincare products ( I use them as well)and it is called Skin Fitness Therapy. They have a multivitamin moisturizer that anyone can use which is just amazing! If you have some time check it out :)

  4. I simply love your new profile pic for Liveperson and I have followed your progress on your fashion career for sometime now, you have a great energy about you when you first started and I knew you would succeed! You have a drive and determination that most people pray and wish for. Not only do you have the beauty you have the brains for business. Your career in makeup and fashion will make you famous for sure. Your a very business minded and career driven beauty. Wish you much success thank you for allowing me to comment on your blog dear. The purple does wonders for you since your a winter color girl. I think red would be very glamours and red carpet for you too!

  5. Hey I think I´m the first gentleman that is following your Blog! Hope thats okay?! I like your profile picture, whereas I haven´t seen the old one.

    I must honestly admit, that I´m not really interested in lipsticks (etc.) but I would definetly appreciate it if you would write some articles on the Men´s Section, maybe about fashion trends, etc. That would be very helpful for me!

    If you like you can also follow me on my blog:

  6. Firstly, thanks for the follow and comment! You have qualified for the free session.

    Yes, I do both men and women in the services, so you can definitely expect loads of men's fashion especially my top inspirational picks.

    Oh my old pic is this one, which I use on twitter, with absolutely no make-up, au natural!

  7. Hey,
    love the website design already. I should have thumbs up for Men's fashion because my boyfriend has the worst dress sense ever and he doesn't listen to me at all. Maybe if you have some posts marking some issues of Men's fashion that would be great. I don't have a twitter profile yet, but I will surely make one and follow your blog.
    Hoping to see more content soon!

  8. Its time to finish what I started. Only two days left for winners to be selected. Don't miss the opportunity.

  9. Hi:) Followed you over here from Liveperson,love the blog and the new spring make up pic:)
    Will follow your blog for tips and advise and I wish you the best of luck,you have a great future in style ahead of you.


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