Friday, November 27, 2009

Inside the life of a Personal Stylist at Liveperson

A piece from a session and what goes on behind them.

(11.00pm) Friday: It's one in the morning; I just finished writing down my schedule for tomorrow. ME: Devouring a cup of chamomile tea. Going to lie down and go to bed now *yawn*. It's just then when my Liveperson messenger rings.
* Ring! Ring!*
   Ahhhh...(looking at the client username) It's a new client but at this time? Wonder what she wants at this time. As soon as the chat begun she lets me know that she has a big date this Sunday evening and she is has no idea what to wear to give the right impression. She adds:I want to look sexy and young without giving the wrong slutty signs to the guy". 
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