Friday, April 23, 2010

How looking good affects your love life

 Looking your best everyday is every woman’s initiative. Many spend hours of time in front of the mirror to get their hair and makeup done. But how does it really affect your love life?      
According to recent studies, men lust after certain type of women. Anthropologist Helen Fisher said, “Men pursue women who exhibit signs of fertility. A glowing complexion, a healthy flush, shiny hair, and large, defined eyes are signs of youth and fecundity.” But that sounds insane right?

A relationship should be based on trust, compassion and most importantly love. Unfortunately, men aren’t programmed that way. They are built different and they have different ways to cope, heal and love. Seeing a lovely woman is a pleasurable thing for a man or for instance any woman too. Don’t you like to see all pretty ladies around you and you being pretty too?  
And, don’t we have a fair share list of women who complain about their co-workers or friends who don’t use moisturizers or hair conditioners?   
Or women who just complain that their schedules are so tight that they can’t fit in their beauty regimens?

Well, its time and a strong reason to put an end to that complaining because you got a completely genuine reason for your regimen. You want to be loved and love! In fact, it is pretty easy to fit in small changes in your everyday routines which you aren’t aware of. Feeling sexy for yourself can also give you a strong boost to any positive motive in your life. Start making those small changes. Start today! Start now, it’s never too early or too late.

But remember there is a whole lot of much information out there which may leave you more confused and eventually make you give up on this mission. You can start with me; explain your problems, your schedules and I might have the perfect routine! Remember it’s all about you, your beauty and your style and what makes you feel good!

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