Friday, November 27, 2009

Inside the life of a Personal Stylist at Liveperson

A piece from a session and what goes on behind them.

(11.00pm) Friday: It's one in the morning; I just finished writing down my schedule for tomorrow. ME: Devouring a cup of chamomile tea. Going to lie down and go to bed now *yawn*. It's just then when my Liveperson messenger rings.
* Ring! Ring!*
   Ahhhh...(looking at the client username) It's a new client but at this time? Wonder what she wants at this time. As soon as the chat begun she lets me know that she has a big date this Sunday evening and she is has no idea what to wear to give the right impression. She adds:I want to look sexy and young without giving the wrong slutty signs to the guy". 

I usually ask for inspirations or inspirational things that have some sort of meaning in their lives. This client let me know a little about her personality on how she loves trying new things, like Sarah Jessica Parker's style and Valentino was her all time favorite designer. Well, my conclusion is that even though she wants to look younger she wants to keep it classy, elegant and modest with a few hints of adventure pieces. I discussed a few possible looks for her body type. Lastly, we reached to three different looks. Deciding on the looks wasn't enough, I offered her that I would search the looks from various online sites then prepare a quick look book so she knows exactly how the looks will look when the pieces go together. It sounded perfect, I put together the looks, and she hires me, Click! Click, and VIOLA the shopping is done! Most websites have a fast delivery options which suites perfectly for such situations. And the best part, the whole look can cost way less that the actually high end pieces together. So you pay me, pay for the items and still save money and time!

Of course I have to sleep but I understand she has to shop and order the stuff as soon as possible. SO I got busy preparing the look book. I send the mail through Liveperson mailbox system with the attachment of the work and I am off to bed.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

(7.43 am) Around 8 o’clock, just checking my mail. "(1) mail in mailbox" ok click!
" I am so in love with the dress look! I was skeptical if I would like it but it looks amazing. I so think that I can pull it off better than the model. I just want to let you know that I loved it and I am gonna order it. 
Gotta rush, talk to you later. Thanks again. Bye for now".

ME: * Smiling* " Well, thats why I call myself a life saver date saver!" Don't you agree?

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