Saturday, February 19, 2011

Experts Pick: Summer Shimmer Cubes

Summer's approaching fast and I was going through my stuff to find out the best product I've had over the years. The top eye make up in my collection is the Bronze Shimmer cubes from The Body Shop not just because of its glittery appeal but its ability to add glamor and flatter anyone with any skin-tone. From a summer look, parties to sexy night outs, it is highly versatile. Talk about the cute cube box it comes in with four cute blocks of earthy, complimentary, shimmering colour. It can be applied directly but the brushes from Body Shop do the best job.

The sparkles are just perfect delivering the right amount of shimmer and colour for mixing n' matching together or with other shades apart from this palette. I am going to do a tutorial soon to give your ideas on how you can be creative with these. The best part is that they go with just about anything! 

The Shades: 
01- Honeycomb (perfect golden shade ever)
02- Dark Chocolate (deep brown)
03- Marshmallow (lightest pinkly beige)
04- Choco chip ( most flattering taupe) 

It's a must have for this year to create most of my looks so go ahead and tell me what you think of them. Of course they are available in other shades too but this one makes its way to the top. 


  1. I just wrote a review about this lovely product -- considering that I had it for 3 years now. It's my HG neutral shimmer shadows!

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  3. Thanks Vanessa! I read it and enjoyed the swatches. I did not have enough time to take pictures of swatches but I guess my clients would love to buy it themselves. I think the shimmer cubes is the one to refill every year for the gold standard makeup which is going to be a hit this year!

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