Saturday, July 31, 2010

#1 And the Winner is...

   It's somewhat late to announce the winner  but I hadn't forgotten that I had to as per my previous post. I was on a totally topsy-turvy vacation cum trip back home. Celebrated my first anniversary last week and I am back for good; after all there's no place like home. I don't want to make this post long, just want to say I 'm back and....

... the winner is

Linda/New Age Insight 

The reason I had to pick one winner is because I did not get a lot of comments on my post and Linda is the one who actually has a great sense of colors. 

      That reminded me of the importance of color seasons and colors people can wear. I will write a post on that soon, trust me the topic is way more interesting that it sounds!

Congrats Linda, you may mail me from my liveperson profile and I will get started with your free session. You are also eligible to select any topic that interests you and your needs.

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  1. This is wonderful! I am so happy thank you so much! Love and light.


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